Top 5 Fun Facts About Alan Rickman You Probably Didn’t Know

Every movie buff knows about Alan Rickman – The popular villain in the movie series Harry Potter. Here I’ll point out the top 5 fun facts about Alan Rickman you will love to read.

Alan Rickman Fun Fact #1

Alan Rickman started his acting career much earlier than other contemporary actors. This was one of the prime reasons for his mass popularity.


Alan Rickman Fun Fact #2

He was known as one of the honest and to-the-point actors of the century. In his 40 years of acting journey, he was never nominated for an academy award.

He used to say on this: “Parts Win Prizes Not Actors”.


Alan Rickman Fun Fact #3

Alan Rickman was a Pisces. He was born on February 21, 1946.


Alan Rickman Fun Fact #4: Love at first sight

Shocked to read that?

Yes, Alan Rickman fell in love with a girl named Amanda at 10 when he was in school.


Alan Rickman Fun Fact #5

It was not so easy for Alan Rickman to climb the success ladder. Among various other things, Rickman used to be a graphic designer before an actor.

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