Top 10 Must Watch TV Shows 2022 Which You Enjoy And Make Your Day Better.

If you want to know the best tv shows you should definitely read our picks for the best ones released in 2022. This is the list of Top 10 must watch TV Shows, I must say You really enjoy a lot.

Top 10 Must Watch TV Shows
Top 10 Must Watch TV Shows

The Terminal List


In the Top 10 Must Watch TV Shows series The Terminal list rank 10, is an action thriller television series created by David Digilio. convincing fans of the realistic spy genre with intriguing plots of betrayal and corruption. The show follows lieutenant commander James Reese after his platoon of navy seals is ambushed on a covert mission, he returns home with doubt and conflicted memories of what happened when he suddenly becomes the target of an investigation. His morals and beliefs are questioned as a manhunt begins.


The Gilded Age

the giggled age Top 10 Must Watch TV Shows
Top 10 Must Watch TV Shows

In the Top 10 Must Watch TV Shows series The gilded age rank 09,The gilded age is a historical drama television series created by julian fellowes. Exploring the battle between old money and new money through the lens of history. We are invited to follow a young woman entering the complicated social scene in New York city of 1882. We witness how conflicts flare between upper and lower classes but also between different cultures and ethnicities, but in a time of rapid economic growth new ways of thinking are on the horizon and I meant it when I said I love you and I believe you but love is not always enough.


Star Trek

star trek

 In the Top 10 Must Watch TV Shows series STAR TREK rank 08,Noonian Singh chief of security I’ve been assigned as acting first officer welcome aboard number one you’ve got some pretty big boots to fill star trek strange new worlds is a science fiction television series created by Akiva Goldsmith, Alex Kurtzman And Jenny Lemay. set one decade before the original star trek series which changed the history of sci-fi storytelling this prequel follows the lead of captain Christopher pike on board of the uss enterprise.

We witnessed the crew exploring strange new worlds and pushing the boundaries to boldly go where no one has ever gone before. I asked how you were Spock. I am a good captain. Although I confess each time I return to space the weight I care for the loss of my sister feels heavier. I’m sorry I miss her too.


Tokyo Vice

Tokyo vice
Top 10 Must Watch TV Shows

In the Top 10 Must Watch TV Shows series Tokyo Vice rank 07, Tokyo Vice is a crime drama television series created by jt rogers set in 1999. This combination of reporter stories and the criminal underworld follows a young and ambitious journalist becoming the first foreign-born reporter in a major Japanese newspaper taken under his wing by a detective in the police department. He embarks on a quest to explore the criminal underworld and especially the yakuza, gaining him more enemies than friends.


The Count Of Three Reacher

the count of three reacher
Top 10 Must Watch TV Shows

In the Top 10 Must Watch TV Shows series The Count Of Three Reacher rank 06, If You boys know what’s about to happen to you, leave now so I’ll give you to “the count of three Reacher” is a crime thriller television series created by Nick Santora based on the infamous book series Jack Reacher. It follows the former military policeman who now living life as an outlaw is imprisoned in the rural town of margrave for a murder. He did not commit after he was freed by two other friends of justice. They uncover a huge conspiracy full of dirty cops, shady businessmen and scheming politicians and must figure out what is really happening there.


The Rise Of The Lakers Dynasty

the rise of the lakers dynasty

In the Top 10 Must Watch TV Shows series the rise of the lakers dynasty rank 10,Winning Time the rise of the lakers dynasty is a biographical sports drama television series created by Mack Bornstein and Jim Hecht. It is everything fans of the sports genre want but will also appeal to fans of a good drama. This journey explores on and off again the court lives of 1980s Los Angeles lakers. It witnesses how the team became the most powerful professional basketball to ever have existed and we are invited to follow along with ups downs and a lot of personal conflicts. Constant motion offense don’t stagnate in positions dart pass keep our opponents. Chasing classics are appropriate and straightforward. What Kareem. said sounds like streetball Chaos.




In the Top 10 Must Watch TV Shows series Peacemaker rank 10, Peacemaker is a superhero television series created by James Gunn bringing cynical humor and violent tones to the genre of the anti-superhero tale. we take off from where we were left in the brilliant and provocative suicide squad ashamed and traumatized by his deeds. a ruthless peacemaker is sent on a new mission where he presumably saves the world and learns what it really means to be a superhero with his very own absurd and rather unusual approach.




 In the Top 10 Must Watch TV Shows series heartstopper rank 02,You Just spaced out heartstopper is a romantic comedy coming-of-age television series created by Alice Oeman and Yuris Lin based on the infamous graphic novel and written by its actual author. We enter the life of Charlie spring who is just like any other student at his school however upon falling in love with the boy who sits next to him. He must navigate friendship and romance without having any idea of how it all works not that his crush does either you look so cuddly like that.

IMDB RATING – 8.7/10

The Offer

the offer

In the Top 10 Must Watch TV Shows series The offer rank 02,We Really want you for Michael. Where’s we? Well it’s myself and Francis Ford Coppola. The offer is a biographical drama mini-series created by Michael Tolkin, this true story of the making of a legendary art has something for every film fan capturing the making of Francis ford Coppola’s the godfather through the eyes of already we become first-hand witnesses of how the obsessive producer defined the masterpiece that would change cinema forever granting deep insight into the filmmaking business. The offer is a must-see for every film buff. I’ll be straight with you al you’re all he talks about corporal knows who i am he think  you’re the only person alive that can pull this off. He Said that he did.

IMDB RATING – 8.7/10



  In the Top 10 Must Watch TV Shows series severance rank 01,Severance Is a science fiction psychological thriller television series created by dan erickson. Building a horrifying sci-fi future, this exploration follows Mark and his team of office workers whose memories have been surgically divided between their work and personal lives but when a mysterious colleague appears outside of work. One of the employees begins a journey to discover the truth about their jobs and a conspiracy that might get him into some big trouble you’ll leave at five well actually they stagger exit so.

IMDB RATING – 8.7/10

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