Top 10 Interesting Facts About Paige Spiranac

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Paige Spiranac

Golf influencer Paige Spiranac calls out body-shamers for rude comments. Recently, the popular golf influencer and social media personality Paige Spiranac was called “fat” on her recent Instagram video. After that, she responded to the audience in so many ways and just after this event, she is among the most talked-about people in the United States. People want to know more about her. So, here are 10 interesting facts about Paige Spiranac that very few people know.


Paige Spiranac is a stunning blonde beauty hailing from wheat ridge colorado she had an underrated successful college and amateur golf career. She is now a powerful social media personality with more followers than even tiger woods who are we talking about Paige Spiranac. In this article, will talk about the top 10 surprising facts about Paige Spiranac.

Interesting Fact #1 : Paige Spiranac tried gymnastics and tennis

Before golf Paige never knew that she would become one of the best golfers worldwide because at first, she dreamt of becoming a gymnast and going to the Olympics to realize her goal. She trained six days per week sometimes for up to seven hours at a time. She was so determined that she immediately began to dominate in the field.

Her specialty was the vault as well as the floor routines. She was even invited to the Karoli camp which was an indicator that she was on the right track to competing in the Olympics in the future. She even moved to a gym in colorado springs that produced some of the biggest names in gymnastics including Carrie Strug. Her dreams of becoming a professional gymnast ended when she fractured her kneecap. 

But tennis quickly became boring for her and she wasn’t enthusiastic about becoming a tennis player. Then her father suggested that Paige take up golfing and she decided to give it a shot. She instantly fell in love with it and the rest they say is history. I’ve always had kind of the mentality of if you’re going to do something give it all that you have and try as hard as you can and hopefully you’ll be successful. 

Interesting Fact #2 : Paige Spiranac was really good in college golf

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Despite the criticism that Paige is not a true golfer. Her performance at the collegiate level says otherwise after struggling in her freshman season at the University of Arizona Paige turned it around after getting a transfer to San Diego state university. She earned fifth and sixth place finishes as well as first-team all-mountain west honors during her sophomore year and 19th place at the NCAA central regional championships. 

According to her coach Leslie Spalding, the page had a profound impact on changing the culture of the team as she was named captain by her senior year in college yes it was her. Contagious work ethic and personality that had the whole team reforming around Spiranac. There are endless possibilities when it comes to golf and that’s what I really like.

So if you have a passion for golf you’re going to find something that you like. It might take a little bit of time to find your path but there are so many different options that you will find something that you like and that’s what I love about it. You can go any other way any different direction and you’re never going to go wrong because there are so many different ways you can go. In her senior year, she led San Diego State to their first mountain west conference championship with a dominant back nine to finish with an even-par 36. On a personal level, the performance earned her all-conference honors. Yes, Paige Spiranac is not an imposter. She does have credentials. 

Interesting Fact #3 : Paige Spiranac’s instant fame came from a debacle

Golf and social media didn’t mix well in the past however Paige Ferranic changed that notion. When she started to post trick shots videos on social media then her internet fame came from a plot to destroy her rising career in golf. The college folks at total frat move coldly stated how they were about to roast a new kid on the game. After the actual ridicule she had 100,000 views on her short video clip and it continued without stopping. Then she started getting more attention. After that good things can come from a bad situation who knew? 

Interesting Fact #4 : Paige Spiranac Boss lady but a kind heart 

Paige Spiranac not only has beauty but also has brains in marketing herself and keeping her brand going. In 2017-18 birdies signed her brand ambassador and used her in a national tv advertising campaign. Philip Stein also stepped forward for Paige to be their brand ambassador. She has graced the cover of golf digest and sports illustrated Paige amassed a heavy social media following of 3.3 million Instagram followers 3.8 Facebook followers and 276 thousand subscribers to Youtube. 

Yes, they are coming in daily. She has used her platform for the betterment of society by partnering with anti-bullying groups like Cybersmile to speak against bullying and low self-esteem. I said I never wanted another girl or a boy or anyone to feel the way that I felt at that moment and how scared I was. She worked hard by being open about her childhood experiences growing up and how she’s in a better position to encourage the kids to keep on and not feel left out. Yes, beauty brains, and heart. 

Surprise fun fact # 5: Holin won with the legend 

Paige Brannick gets the opportunity to meet a ton of golf’s biggest present and past stars. One legend she played with is Gary Player in October of 2021. The two played in new york at a charity golf event at Glen Arbor golf club in Bedford Hills sponsored by Berenberg to raise money for pancreatic cancer research. The Player’s wife Vivian had sadly succumbed to the disease. In 2022 at the 148-yard 14th hole Spiranac made a hole-in-one in front of Gary Player. 

In the video, the Player is heard discussing his club choice with his caddies as the ball is in the air someone says go in go in. It did and it led to an eruption of cheers in the aforementioned hug from the black knight as for Spiranac’s reaction “Oh my god she said did you get that talk about coming up clutch to impress the legend” 

Interesting Fact #6 : Paige Spiranac Dog lover from her Instagram post 

It is obvious that she loves dogs. On several occasions, Spiranac posted a photo of herself with a dog saying, puppy love. It’s just another reason why she suddenly became internet famous. Who doesn’t like dogs? Yes, Paige is a dog lover and they are man’s best friends after all.

Interesting Fact #7 : Paige Spiranac: Ronda Rousey being a role model 

Everyone in any industry has some father figure or mother figure that gives them their inner spark. Paige boldly attests to that by occasionally quoting Ronda Rousey as a superwoman and her role model. She stated Ronda Rousey is one of her idols. She’s all about female empowerment. She proves you can be strong while also looking really pretty in a dress. Hopefully, I’ll inspire some people to pick up the game that’d mean a lot to me. 

In terms of male role models, it has to be Tiger Woods and Adam Scott. He has such a great swing. Yes, those are unique role models and Paige wants to be that for the next generation as she followed her path. 

Interesting Fact #8 : Paige Spiranac’s Love for comic books and loves to teach 

Shy Paige Spiranac is a proud nerd at heart and she loves it. People assume differently based on her Instagram and how she looks. She loves dc and Marvel comics and when she is given the choice of which she prefers, there is no simple answer for her. She responded that’s the toughest question you could ever ask me. I love them both so differently. 

She explained that while dc provides a darker storyline, the Marvel movies have humor in them. She considers Batman as her favorite with the Dark Knight her favorite movie ever. On the other hand, she has a soft spot for Iron Man and loves the Captain America movies as well as the Avengers. Who knew you might find this interesting she also has a thing for teaching but is a shy person by nature. That’s why she started her YouTube channel to overcome the fear of expressing her thoughts freely without being stoned by rocks or pebbles. 

She also loves podcasting about golf and other related things. Now you want to think that Paige and shy would be in the same sentence but it is true yes, the lesson for you boys and girls! never judge a book by its cover. 

Interesting Fact #1 : Paige Spiranac works hard on her body 

Paige Spiranac puts in the work and stays disciplined in maintaining her fabulous figure. Yes, it doesn’t miraculously happen. In terms of her diet, she usually has a protein shake for breakfast then she will do a salad for lunch then for dinner it’s usually grilled chicken or salmon. She eats a lot of veggies however she tries to be balanced by not being too strict and indulging at times. 

Her workouts are pretty spot-on as she works out five days a week. On Monday she starts with five minutes of treadmill walking then she does set a barbell squat, walking lunges jump squats, superset hamstring curls, reverse deadlifts with dumbbells, lateral dumbbells, and cardio. Tuesday she integrates push-ups, Russian twists, and shoulder lifts with red mill walking and squatting. After a rest day on Wednesday, she does the Stairmaster walking, lunges jumping, jacks box jumps, and kick back. 

Friday and Saturday she engages in lat pull down single arm seated cable row weighted step ups feet weighted sled pushes more cardio and reps a medicine ball wall throw. Yes, as the saying goes no pain no gain. 

Interesting Fact #10 : Paige Spiranac is Divorced but still the same strong woman 

Paige was involved in a whirlwind romance with a personal trainer Steve Tanoko. They were engaged in Dubai in 2016 and were married in 2018. Sunoco was a bedrock of support by her side. Despite posting the social media daily, the two maintained a quiet private life. However, in April of 2022, Paige confirmed the heartbreaking news via a youtube video vlog that she is now divorced and that she was looking for a fresh start by going back to her hometown in Colorado. 

I was just kind of uh low on battery and um it was just kind of a hard year. I am so happy now to just be in a fresh start new place. I just feel really good about everything. She admitted the transition has been difficult stating the moving process has been crazy trying to work and balance life in a non-existent personal life. In the midst of all of this Paige Spiranac has endured and overcome tremendous challenges in her lifetime and we are sure that this bump in the road will make her stronger. 

So what do you think of the surprising facts about Paige Spiranac? Do you think she has a place in the sport of golf? Let me know in the comments section.

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