The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Ending Explained

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Ending Explained – Read till the end to know everything about this mind-blowing season of Dystopian drama.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Ending

Introduction: The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5

The first episode of the 5th season of Hulu’s Dystopian drama – The Handmaid’s Tale shows what happens after commander Fred Waterford is killed June. Osborne surprises her partner Lucas Luke Bankole in the season’s opening episode. 

By deciding to confess to the commander’s murder, Serena Joy Waterford Fred’s wife is disappointed that the Canadian police have decided not to conduct an inquiry into the murder because it had a place in a no man’s land with her husband’s corpse. In tow, Serena travels to Gilead setting the stage for some dramatic events. 

Amazing developments take place in Gilead. At the end of season 5, the second episode, ballet spoilers follow June informs Luke and Maura Strand that she has killed Fred. At the start of the morning, the other ex-Handmaids who went with June to assassinate the commander seek her for help and kill other commanders who have harmed them. 

But June informs them that it is not practical. Upon learning of Fred’s death, ICC officials relocate Serena from her incarceration to a more secure location. Serena learns from Mark to Ello that her husband was slain and that she should be in a safer location to protect herself and her unborn child. 

Yoon was responsible for the death of Fred?

She informs Toelo that Yoon was responsible for the death of Fred after looking at a snapshot taken at the spot. Dr. Emily Malek has returned to Gilead for aunt Lydia. June learns the possibility of never seeing Emily again dawns on her. She also considers the possibility of ever seeing her daughter Hannah Banco Lay again. 

June becomes fixated on Serena as she anticipates her next move. She also tells the Toronto police that she killed Fred intending to go to jail perhaps to keep Serena away from her family. However, she was informed by the police that they could not have arrested her because the murder had not taken place on Canadian soil. 

Luke tells June to put an end to her fixation on Serena. It is your moment to shine in the sunlight of the spirit girls Esther and Janine dead are alive why does Esther poison Janine. Janine Lindo has developed a particular fascination for Esther keys. Ever since she turned into a Handmaid Esther is brought into the conversation between Lydia and Janine who helps the former become more compost. 

Who poisoned Janine and Esther?

Additionally, she shields the recruit from aunt Lydia’s horrors they inevitably become close and Esther gains ground in her transformation into a Handmaid with Janine’s assistance pleasing Lydia Esther is brought by the latter to commander Warren Putnam’s residence so that she can become his new Handmaid. 

Lydia also suggests that Janine might visit Esther at Putnam’s home to mentor the new Handmaid. When Esther shares some chocolates with Janine Putnam accepts her as his new Handmaid. The two of them both begin throwing up blood because Esther doesn’t want to live as a Handmaid. 

She poisoned both Janine and herself. She thinks Janine assisted her in developing into a capable Handmaid. Since she was hoping to be assigned to Putnam’s home so she could visit her daughter Angela. 

While she was visiting Esther, she holds the conviction that Janine has taken advantage of her without taking into account the difficulties she will face. As Putnam’s Handmaid Esther poisons Janine since she believes that the latter manipulated her and hastened her suffering. 

After the first meeting with Putnam, Esther must have realized how difficult it will be to serve him and how much she will suffer as his slave rather than becoming the same. Esther chooses to die but she wants to see the death of Janine who has paved the way for her selection to serve Putnam as well Janine is paying the price for aspiring to see her daughter. once in a while through Esther. 

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Ending

Even though Esther and Janine vomit blood they may get saved as Lydia and the other Handmaids see them. Lydia may arrange necessary medical interventions for two of her Handmaids before they die. Since Putnam has taken a liking toward Esther he may try his best to save at least her. Serena broadcast Fred’s funeral. 

She demands a lavish funeral for her deceased husband. After she arrives in Gilead for Fred’s funeral such a funeral and its global transmission are the result of her dream. When Serena first requests such a gathering, Putnam understands that it can convey a message that Gilead is even forgiving of the nation’s traitor in order to increase the country’s appeal to other nations. Serena however has a personal motivation for airing her husband’s burial.

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