The biggest announcement on apple new event 2022: News, updates & rumors

Apple holds events several times each year to announce new products and services. Aside from the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), there are usually Spring and Fall events that zero in on certain products.

What Is New In The Next Apple Event?

The next Apple event is its Fall event in September 2022, where the iPhone 14 is expected to take center stage. This year’s event will take place on Wednesday, September 7th.

Where  to Attend the Event ?

Apple usually offers a free live stream to everyone; the September 2022 event is expected to be no different. Crank up your PC or mobile device and connect in to see what the tech giant has to show. The event is live streamed at Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California.

What new Announcements Will Apple Make In This Event?

apple iphone14 pro

The day is here. We’re now just hours away from the Apple event, where we expect to see the iPhone 14 range, Apple Watch 8, Apple Watch 8 Pro, Apple Watch SE 2, and potentially the Air Pods Pro 2 all revealed.

Rumors in this events.

#Rumers 1 – Will the iPhone 14 Start eSIM card ?

The iPhone 14 is also rumored to leave the SIM card slot behind, in favor of exclusively using the eSIM format to enable iPhones to connect to a wireless carrier. This would be a big move, as it would make Apple the most prominent phone maker to no longer require a physical SIM card.

Apple is rumored to be putting a particular focus on eSIM, or embedded SIM cards, with this new iPhone line. The company has long supported the technology, which has been in iPhones dating back to the iPhone XS as well as in recent cellular iPads.

Functionally, compared to physical SIM cards that have been in use in iPhones since the beginning, the decision should not change the experience for users or limit their ability to connect to 4G or 5G networks.

All three major US carriers support eSIM and all allow for current iPhones to use the technology to connect to their respective networks.

It’s unclear if Apple will completely remove the physical SIM card slot on the iPhone 14, though the company seems poised to make that transition in the not-too-distant future and free up some precious physical real estate

# Rumors 2 – iPhone 14 newly designed features

Over the past few years, Apple has increased the focal length of the telephoto lens on Pro models. We’ve gone from a 2x optical zoom on the 11 Pro to a 2.5x zoom on the 12 Pro, to a 3x zoom on the 13 Pro. But on the Android side of things, we have Samsung and its S22 Ultra which has dual-telephoto cameras: one with a 3x optical zoom lens and the other with 10x.

Then there’s the upcoming Sony Xperia 1 IV that has a telephoto camera with lens elements that actually move giving you optical zoom anywhere between 3.5x and 5.2x magnification.

While the 3x optical zoom on the 13 Pro is great for portraits, I can only imagine what Apple could do with a longer telephoto lens or one like the Sony’s that adjusts. And maybe that’s what the “Far Out” in the Apple Event invite is a reference to?

# Rumors 3 – Apple Watch Pro rumors

More and more manufacturers are releasing “Pro” smartwatches with comprehensive workout tracking, taking aim at companies like Garmin, which dominate the segment. 

Not just for athletes, these watches also appeal to anyone who wants a tougher, bigger watch on their wrist. The big question: Will the Apple Watch Pro have better battery life than the 18 hours you get with the regular Apple Watch? Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro packed a huge battery in its 45mm case that lasts 2.5 days or more, but Garmin’s watches can go a week or more between charges.