God of War Ragnarok Release Date: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

God of War Ragnarok Introduction

God Of War Ragnarok Release Date here’s everything you need to know. The game informer dropped a video talking about the 60-plus accessibility features coming to “God of War Ragnarok” right off the bat. At the beginning of the video, Kratos and Atreus will not have their own separate experience points if you remember in 2018 XP was universal for Kratos and Atreus. 

God of War Ragnarok

Now that he’ll be able to earn his own experience, it only further shows how deep the skill trees unlockable moves and abilities for both of them. we’ll be now looking at Kritos’s hud. We see how the ident apples that you once collect 3 will permanently increase your health, will make your return as well as the horn of blood med where once again if you collect three, it will permanently increase your range. 

two runic abilities equipped

There are two runic abilities equipped as well as an icon for Kratos’s Melee. There are also 4 gauges on the left of the grey axe icon and now in terms of the accessibility features, we are first informed about puzzle modifications. There are also going to be multiple actions that you can map to the touchpad like pointing into the direction of the main objective, sparks and rage, quick turn shield strike, and even high contrast color palettes. 

They also talk about mapping auto sprinting audio cues, more elaborate text, and icon size options, cam navigation assistance, auto platforming controller, visualization, and of course more that we won’t know up until launch. In terms of details that you missed there are these two barrel-like boxes that have embers escaping from them. 

Button Prompt to Solve Puzzle

They have a button prompt on them meaning they could be used to solve a puzzle or for combat. In terms of puzzles, the leviathan axe could be thrown to release steam or the

blades could be used to create a fire and in terms of combat, the axe would be launched into it causing an explosion and it looks like there will be two different variations of a shield slab.  

One of them not being charged up as critics seems to be able to use it 3 times without having to wait for a cool down or having absorbed hits from enemies and the second shield slam will be when it absorbs the kinetic energy from an opponent. As i’ve pointed out before, there is this car or boat-like structure attached to a chain and it will aid travel between smaller islands. Other than that there isn’t really anything worthy of. 

I Founding Something Strange in God of War Ragnarok

I did want to touch on something i didn’t touch in a video before. This mountain carving of a face is actually shown as a part of the map in Savartofheim. As to the identity of it, it could be Odin another god, a dwarf or the most plausible the dwarf king Davalin. 

It also seems that a war, an earthquake, or even a dragon could have damaged it. The game is still definitely being worked on. At this point, the game is ready to be played but they’re just doing finishing touches. At this point looking for bugs glitches and so on, there are still going to be more videos that Game Informer will post. 

God of War Ragnarok Trailer

The trailer opens with the trace making a comment about the environmental changes in Swartalfang. It’s important to note fimbo winter isn’t exclusive to Midgard. It affects all the realms but manifests differently here. 

It has manifested with the Geysers and the smells getting worse. By the way a Geyser is boiling water spreading from the ground atres wonders whether the earthquakes will be affected too implying Swartalfyne was already a realm experiencing earthquakes and Thimblewinter has only amplified it. 

Though this is a story point that will likely exist in the game space too. I make this assumption as the Geysers have gameplay implications already. Here we can see the Geysers blocking pathways forming a puzzle component. While the smell may be similarly implemented like in god of war 2018’s Niflheim level as for how earthquakes will be experienced. 

Comparison with 2018 version

I theorize they will have multiple effects. Remember in 2018 as the water level fluctuated more areas became accessible. That same concept may apply to Swartalfam especially if it’s one of the main realms. Another way it may manifest is by making the foreground unstable. In game informer’s post, Jason, the writer of the post mentions I spot towering wheels in the distance and just overhead an ore block suspended in the air by a derelict rig threatens to crush me. 

These ore blocks can be viewed in the video too. Rowing would certainly become more challenging. With the necessary risk needed to access certain areas this idea would be versatile as it would have implications both on foot and on the boat making the same design dynamic. 

Let’s elaborate on how Geysers will work in gameplay? 

God of War Ragnarok: how Geysers will work in gameplay

It’ll be as simple as throwing the axe to freeze them in place an idea we’re familiar with.  However it seems this will work in conjunction with the blade’s puzzle mechanics. Some Geysers will be contained in pots only freeable through using the blades, then by using your axe you’ll be able to freeze them personally. 

I like this co-dependency between both weapons which i hope to see more of. Finally i’m going to mention other details i noticed within the video. In one of the clips in the distance we can faintly see Narnia or chest making a return the health and rage meter will still likely be upgradeable. Whether the upgrading components will be ident apples and horn of blood mead is unconfirmed next in the distance we can see a face carved into a mountain as John Ford and his community pointed out this is likely Mutsugnir the Dwarven king be found dead in 2018. 

The Conclusion: God of War Ragnarok

Perhaps the dwarves have memorialized the fallen king, also pay attention to the terrain around the mountain it looks similar to the environment that Dreki is around in the reveal trailer. I theorize this to be the native environment where we’ll encounter this enemy type lastly as the Trio arrive in Swartalfam. 

Notice how this dwarf heartedly runs as if in fear. It’s interesting to note that post mentions, a dwarf sounding an alarm to warn the other dwarves. Now it’s unlikely they are aware of quartet’s past beyond the nine realms and rather know him as the bringer of fimbo winter and the killer of the Acer.

Hope you guys enjoy reading this. Stay tunned for more details.

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