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  • Wondering why the hell the “9Anime to” site is not working?
  • How can I get the download link to “9Anime” App or “9Anime” APK?
  • Is “9Animeto” safe?
  • Is it legal to watch my favorite anime show on “9Animeto”?
  • How can I block or remove ads on “9Anime” using Adblock?
  • What is the real/original “9Anime” website?

If you are trying to figure out the answer to any of the above questions, you’ve just landed in the right place. Apart from the above questions, I’ve answered all the related questions like Will “9Animeto” inject viruses/malware into my browser? “9Anime” is not loading what to do? , etc. Please continue reading…

“9anime – Redefine the best website to watch anime online for free” is the tagline of the site “9Anime” suggesting it to be a one-stop solution to watch all kinds of Animated shows for free.

Started in 2016, “9Anime.to” gained a mass amount of popularity among Anime lovers. With 95Million+ average traffic per month, 9Anime.to ranked under 500 in the United States and globally.

How to access the 9Anime website?

Are you not able to access 9Anime.to website? Is it showing blocked/banned? Is “9Anime” not loading in your browser?

There is a strong possibility that 9Anime.to site might have been blocked by your government because of copyright infringement. We’ll talk about this later.

To gain access to that, you can use a VPN service in your smartphone or desktop computer to unblock it. To unblock “9Anime” in your desktop browser, you can use a VPN Chrome extension like VPNLY.

9Anime Adblock – How to block Ads on 9Anime.to?

Well, you want to block or remove ads while accessing the “9Anime” website. Right?

It’s quite simple, you just need to use an adblocker extension in your desktop browser. On mobile devices, you can use web security software that also enables ad-blocking services.

Ads(Advertisements) are one of the primary sources of revenue for website owners. Ads enable a website owner like “9Animeto”, to recover the operating costs and on top of it to make some profits. That’s why they are working hard to bring you your favorite Anime show. Right?

There are several kinds of ad technologies available right now. This includes banner ads, Pop-Up ads, In-stream ads, Adware, Sponsored links, etc. “9Anime” also uses similar kinds of Ad technologies. Sometimes, you might not be able to remove all kinds of ads from “9Anime to” website completely.

Where can I get 9Anime App?

Well, the short answer is: There is no official “9Anime” app available for mobile devices as per the official website of 9Anime, and 9Anime’s official Reddit handle. To ensure whether “9Anime” has a mobile app or not, I conducted deep research on the same and confirmed it.

Please have a look at what “9Anime” Official website, “9Anime” Twitter handle, and 9Anime Reddit profile say about “9Anime” App or “9Anime” Android Apk.

9Anime App android Apk download

You can download “9Anime” app in your Chrome desktop browser for a smoother video experience on “9Anime to” website. 9Anime App for Chrome is a newly introduced feature of Google Chrome.

Please have a look at the below image to install “9Anime” App in your Chrome browser.

Is there any “9Anime” IOS App?

The answer is No. As discussed above, there is no such “9Anime” IOS app, “9Anime” App for Android or “9Anime” Apk file to download. You should use your normal web browser to stream your favorite Anime show online.

If you are using any such kind of “9Anime” App or “9Anime” IOS App, or you have downloaded “9Anime” Apk file from a third-party source, and it is working fine for you, make sure that it is safe to use and it is not stealing your data.

9Anime Alternatives

Are you looking for alternatives or alternate domains for “9Anime to” website because “9Anime to” is not functional in your country anymore? Or you are simply looking for “9Anime” like sites because the actual site is loading slow, it is buffering continuously or you simply want to know about “9Anime” mirror sites?

When a site gains a mass amount of popularity, it comes to the attention of copycats. That’s what happened with the well-known website Savefrom.net (known for downloading Youtube and other videos). The same thing happened with “9Anime” too.

By looking at the popularity of “9Anime”, tons of copy and mirror sites have appeared. Because of that, regular users of “9Anime” have to face tons of difficulties finding the actual or real 9Anime website.

And…These difficulties lead a user to search for “9Anime” mirror sites or “9Anime” alternatives.

List of 9Anime alternatives

The best alternative to “9Anime” website is 9Animetv.to 9Animetv site is ranking even higher than the original “9Anime” site in Google search.

9Animetv ranking

Apart from the above, there are tons of other sites like “9Anime”. Please check the list below…

  1. https://9anime.at
  2. https://9anime.tv
  3. https://9Anime.video
  4. https://9Anime.page
  5. https://9Anime.life
  6. https://9Anime.live
  7. https://9Anime.one
  8. https://9Anime.love
  9. https://9Anime.app
  10. https://9Anime.bar
  11. https://9Anime.me
  12. https://9Anime.pw
  13. anime-planet.com
  14. animixplay.to
  15. manganato.com
  16. mangadex.org
  17. mangakakalot.com
  18. 4anime.gg
  19. asurascans.com
  20. kissanime.com.ru
  21. reaperscans.com

Disclaimer: I’m not getting paid to promote any of the above links. Please do your due diligence before checking any of the above links.

Here is a blog article from Video converter factory that beautifully explains how can you get access to 20 sites like “9Anime”.

List of original Domains/Mirror sites of 9Anime.to

“9Animeto” lists a couple of domain links on their official website. They all are mirror site. You can visit any of them to get to the actual 9Anime.to website.

9Anime real domains mirror sites

Is 9Anime safe to access?

Well, here comes the burning question or I would say the question of the century…Lol.

“Is accessing 9Anime safe to my device”

Let’s dive deeper into this section. Because safety first! You know…

When it comes to accessing such kinds of websites as “9Animeto”, Savefromnet, or 123movies, there is always a question mark on your device’s safety. Because they are not legal entities, you can’t claim them for any kind of security threats or data theft, etc.

So, is there any way to verify if “9Anime” is 100% safe to browse?

The short answer is no. You can’t be 100% sure about the safety of your device.

As far as I found during my research, “9Anime” claims to be a 100% secure website, and no major potential threats/security breach was reported from its users so far.

Here is a screenshot from the original “9Animeto.tv” website. See what they say about their users’ safety.

is 9Anime safe

But here are other aspects to the safety of your device while accessing “9Anime” website.

9Anime Adblock – Can 9Anime ads harm your device?

Ads are the way by which a site owner monetizes their efforts and recovers the operating costs. The same is true with the “9Anime” website. They use third-party advertising networks. These ads may appear as in-video-stream ads, Banner ads, Pop-up ads, Sponsored links, Adware, etc.

That’s how they cover the cost of running their super-fast servers with unlimited bandwidth.

But, sometimes excessive use of advertisements may result in a bad user experience and also may prevent users from accessing the site content. Or sometimes, these ads try to download multiple files in your browser even without your permission.

That’s what you should be careful about. Adware is a computer program unknowingly installed into your browser to show you ads even when you are not on the host site. Usually, such kinds of ads are very annoying and they may appear literally anywhere on your device.

As far as I went through the “9Anime” website, I didn’t find any such Adware. Yet, there is a possibility that your device might get injected with Adware from a third-party website linked to “9Anime”. So, browse cautiously…

Could my device get infected with Viruses or Malware?

The answer to this question is: Maybe!

Why am I saying this? See, whether you are accessing the “9Anime to” website, or you are anywhere on the web, there is always a risk involved of getting your device infected with Viruses or Malware until and unless you are using an Antivirus program or web security program to protect your device.

As far as “9Anime” is concerned, there is a very remote possibility that your device might get infected with Viruses or Malware. See below, what the real “9Anime” website says about this:

Is 9Anime safe to browse

As per the above discussion, it’s the users’ responsibility to take the necessary precautions while accessing sites like “9Anime” to prevent their device from getting infected by Adware, Viruses, or Malware.

These precautions include (but not limited to) using an appropriate Antivirus program, avoiding clicking on pop-up ads, downloading any program from the “9Anime” site, etc.

9Anime Error Code: 502, 522, and 500

Are you getting Errors while trying to access “9Animeto” site? Does your browser show Error Code 502, Error Code 522, or Error Code 500? Here is your solution.

There is a strong probability that “9Anime” site might have been banned in your country. Use a VPN service to overcome such error code issues.

9Anime Twitter Account

Twitter and Reddit are one of the best social media handles to get regular updates about “9Anime to” website. These updates include New and upcoming Anime shows, domain changes, Updates on events like “9Anime” Awards, etc.

Here is the link to the official accounts of “9Anime”,

What is 9Anime – Anime awards

“9Anime” Awards is a contest organized by “9Anime” for “Anime of the Year” from all categories. They got over 64,000 votes in this contest.

You might want to watch this YouTube video to learn more about this contest…

Is 9Anime Legal?

This is the most debated question of the century and is still debatable.

A very common term being used when it comes to digital publishing is – Copyright Infringement.

Well, I’m not fond of copyright laws or intellectual property rights laws. Additionally, it varies from country to country. So, I’d not surely say whether using “9Anime” is legal or not!

But let me make it simple for you. If any site is violating the copyright laws of a particular country, that website is illegal and it might be taken down by that government.

In this context, “9Anime” is not licensed to stream or authorized for distribution by copyright holders. Hence, it is obvious that streaming Anime on “9Anime” is not legal.

But the actual question is: “Is watching Anime on “9Anime” legal?” Can I get in trouble for watching Anime shows on 9Anime?

Technically yes, it is illegal. However, there is a very remote possibility that you might get in trouble for watching shows on “9Anime”. It again depends upon which country you live in. So, check your local government policies on Copyright laws.

You can see what 9Animetv.to says on “Is 9Anime legal to use?” in the below image.

is 9anime legal

Now, you have enough information about whether watching your favorite shows on “9Anime” is legal or not! So, think twice before making a decision to watch shows on “9Anime”.

How to legally watch Anime shows

So simple, just get a paid subscription to any of the popular websites/platforms out there. Below is a list of a couple of websites you can get a premium subscription and enjoy your favorite Anime show legally.


Within just a couple of years, “9Anime” gained so much popularity. In other words, it has now become a one-stop solution for all of your Anime needs. After seeing the success of “9Anime.to” website, a lot of new sites appeared with the same UI as 9Anime.

Among them, “9Animetv.to” surpass even the actual “9Anime.to” site in terms of traffic and user engagement. I’ve explained all the PROs and CONs of watching your favorite anime show on “9Anime”.

Now, it’s your choice to decide whether you are going to watch Anime shows on “9Anime” or you’ll become a premium member of any other legal Anime-hosting platform.


Is 9Anime safe to use?

Yes, it is safe from viruses or malware. But your browser might get injected with Adware. Be cautious.

Is 9 Anime legal?

No, But you need to check your country’s copyright laws for its legal validity.

What is 9Anime Twitter account?

https://twitter.com/9animeOfficial is the official Twitter account of 9Anime to get regular updates.

How to download and install 9Anime APP

As per 9Anime.to official website, they don’t have any app available right now. If you are using 9Anime app already, be cautious!

How to Adblock on 9Anime

You can’t block ads from the site completely but you can use any popular Adblocker to block most of the Ads on 9Anime.


This site does not belong to or affiliated with “9Anime.to” in any way. This site is meant for information purposes only. We don’t promote downloading or streaming copyrighted Anime from 9Anime or other such sites. Downloading such content may violate intellectual property rights and may be liable for copyright infringement. Contact me here.